Crisp Scooters USA Pro Team

Crisp USA Pro Team

Jon deVrind

Jon Dev has been on the Crisp team longer than anyone. With his help and input on products, Jon helped shape Crisp into what it is today. From day one, Jon has been dedicated to this brand and shown his love time and time again. Jon has one of the most unique styles on a scooter and has been the leader on the technical forefront, while still sending it down huge gaps. One of a kind for sure.

Joe Armstrong

Joe Armstrong is a Jersey boy, born and raised. From eating pork roll to enjoying the night life of the Jersey Shore, Joe finds the time to shred at his local, The Incline Club, where he has been ripping for years. A car enthusiast, Joe also loves to go fast at the skatepark. Known for his speed and style capabilities, Joe can also murder the technical game riding with 4 pegs. Joe was one of the first people throwing 1080's and continues to put them down with ease. 

Tabitha Windle

Tabitha Windle is an OG when it comes to female scooter riders. Tabitha was the FIRST girl on a scooter to do a flair. That lasts a life time. Tabitha continues to progress in her home state of Florida. If the heat doesn't get you, the gators will. Tab rides with aggression and force, taking on everything from big bowls, to rails in the streets. Check out her latest video below!