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    SoCal Swing Tour Video!

    Man what a trip this was! Getting the team together is always such a good time. The boys were able to stack clips throughout Southern California. This video is jam packed with the best park riding and street riding from the Crisp team and will leave you wanting more!

    Follow the boys!





    Ethan Kirk | 2024 Olympic Training

    Ethan Kirk ALWAYS puts together such a beautiful video. Each one is such a unique work of art. Let him know what you think of his riding and video editing skills!

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    Joe Armstrong | Web Edit 2016

    We always love seeing fresh footage from Joe Armstrong. He seems to have turned on the perfect balance cheat and unlocked all of his special tricks. Pay close attention to this technical masterpiece.


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    Ian Hotchkiss | Later Texas (Welcome to Crisp)

    Ian Hotchkiss is the newest addition to the Crisp Scooters USA Flow Team.

    Ian really shows us how much fun he is having on a scooter and really pushes his own limits.

    Be sure to see Ian this Summer at Woodward Tahoe!


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    Scooters and BMX unite!

    This is truly a game changing video!

    Check this out. Crisp Scooters own JonDev getting down with pro bmx riders Brandon Begin, John Hicks, Mikey Tyra, Grant Germain, Connor Keating and legendary Cult filmer Veesh.

    My favourite part of this video is that the bmx dudes are having so much fun riding scooters and not hating it at all (actually giving it love). 

    True fact: Brandon Begin started as a scooter rider and Jon is his favourite rider of all time.

    Give John Hicks some love and subscribe to his channel!